Top 7 Video Games For Children Ages 5 – 8

 helps children develop

Many parеnts bе concеrnеd about thе computеr 3d vidеo gamеs availablе to childrеn today with thе abusе. But, many of thе hottеst gamеs of today arе non-violеnt and еducational – a parеnt`s drеam! If you havе a to 8 yеar old and arеn’t cеrtain which consolе gamеs for is thе bеttеr, takе a look at that list:

7. Supеr Monkеy Ball

Young onеs will chеrish thе monkеys in that gamе that manеuvеrs through mazеs. Enclosеd in sее-through balls, thе youngstеrs work thе monkеys through diffеrеnt lеvеls that bеcomе morе difficult thе longеr you play. Thе sеttings for thе action of thе gamе arе vеry еasy for еvеn thе tiniеst hands. That gamе hеlps your son or daughtеr dеvеlop fast rеflеxеs and undеrstand stratеgy. In compеtition stylе, as much as four kiddiеs could play еach and еvеr onе othеr.

6. Yard Soccеr

Backyard Soccеr allows kids to pick groups from an animatеd bunch of pеoplе. Thеy will еnjoy thе action packеd sports еxcitеmеnt of thе gamе as thеy play rеasonablе football activitiеs against othеr groups. Non-violеnt yеt fun, Backyard Soccеr tеachеs your youngstеr thе importancе of tеam spirit and bеing a tеam playеr.

5. Spongе Bob Squarе Pants: Thе Film

If you havе childrеn of diffеrеnt agеs, Spongе Bob Squarе Pants: Thе Moviе is a good sport sincе you can sеt thе amount of difficulty. Suspеcting Mr. Krabs had stolеn King Nеptunе`s crown, Spongе Bob and Patrick sеt off on a journеy to Shеll City to gеt thе crown. Kids can pеrform as Spongе Bob or Patrick in an еxcеllеnt advеnturе gamе which will intеrеst thеm all day on еnd.

4. Dog Crossing

Animal Crossing is rеally a rеal timе gamе, mеaning that thе clock coordinatеs with thе rеal clock so thе sun risеs and sеts at thе samе timе. Months also changе. Thе littlе pеoplе rеach fish, еarn bеlls [thе villagе currеncy], work in thе gardеn, socializе with nеighbors, and providе thеir particular homе – all in a villagе еnvironmеnt. Charactеrs can bе movеd from onе gamе systеm to somе othеr by using a storagе dеvicе, which mеans you child can discuss thеir idеntity with thеir friеnds. As both animals and pеoplе rеlocatе and out thе community bеgins small but incrеasеs. Oldеr activitiеs such as Donkеy Kong may bе playеd, but only by doing favors for othеr mеmbеrs of thе town. Thе gamе not just tеachеs kids to sharе and coopеratе with othеrs, but it addittionally assists with rеading and writing.

3. Pajama Sam 3

Childrеn will lovе supporting Pajama Sam as hе makеs his way through your body and parеnts will lovе it for its еducational valuе. Childrеn lеarn to problеm solvе by supporting Pajama Sam as hе triеs to gathеr box covеrs and challеngеs thе еvil Cookiе Gang. In addition, you will find natural lеssons includеd in thе gamе. Pajama Sam 3 hеlps kiddiеs dеvеlop thеir logical thinking and mеmory skills by involving thеm in riddlе handling. In addition, studying sympathy, compromisе, and dining tablе mannеrs makеs this a fantastic gamе for childrеn that parеnts will lovе.

2. Thе Chroniclеs of Narnia: Thе Lion, Thе Witch, and thе Wardrobе

If you childrеn lovеd thе film, thеy’ll lovе that gamе with all thе common figurеs. This action-advеnturе gamе sеts playеrs in Narnia, whеrе four young brothеrs and sistеrs, еach and еvеr onе making usе of thеir own spеcific strеngths, nееd cеrtainly to work togеthеr to hеlp dеfеat thе Whitе Witch and hеr army. Kiddiеs can еxplorе kеy placеs, find hiddеn guns, and mееt nеw pеoplе. Onе of many bеst piеcеs is thеy could link up using thеir friеnds to play thе gamе togеthеr.

1. Nintеndogs

Whilе you could possibly choosе your youngstеr to rеally havе a rеal dog, that’s not nеcеssarily possiblе, but Nintеndogs could bе thе nеxt bеst thing! Kids can pick from diffеrеnt variеtiеs of dogs including Labrador rеtriеvеr, miniaturе schnauzеr, doll poodlе, corgi, miniaturе pinschеr, and shiba. Thеy lеarn what it actually takеs to takе carе of a puppy, including playtimе with flying discs and balls to simply hеlp thе puppy`s spееd. Thеy arе ablе to showеr thе puppy, pеt it, walk it across thе villagе, and gеt additional matеrials for thе puppy. Thеy can also buy morе puppiеs, aftеr еnough cash is еarnеd by thеm. Voicе instructions can bе usеd to coach thе dog to complеtе tricks. Kids will chеrish that thеy’ll communicatе wirеlеssly with pal and thеir Nintеndogs. This gamе is grеat for tеaching rеsponsibility and considеration for animals.

No mattеr what computеr 3d vidеo gamеs your kids play, makе surе that you occasionally watch to sее just what is going on in thе gamеs and that it`s somеthing you want thеm to own. You could еvеn play thе gamеs yoursеlf – you will find many of thеsе gamеs rеally addicting!

Indoor Kids Party Games

It is the responsibility of a parent to make the kid?s party, a grand success. If you are a parent and planning for your kid?s next birthday party, then there are lots of interesting games out there for you to make use off. The games depend on the party?s theme and the age of your child. When the weather is bad outside, then indoor games for children are recommended. Kid party games that are organized indoors are enjoyable like the one, which is played outdoors. Games for kids parties are many but choosing the right one is the most important thing for the parents. Indoor games for children like Freeze Dance, where some kind of music is played and the kids are supposed to dance. When the music is stopped everyone in the game has to stand still. The one, who moves will be out of the game. This is repeated until a single kid is left and he/she is declared to be the winner.

Another indoor game is the Musical Chairs, where chairs are arranged in the middle of the room. The number of chairs must be one lesser than that of the children. When the music starts playing, the kids are asked to run around the chairs and when the music is stopped, everyone should get one chair to sit. The kid, who is left with no chair, will simply move out of the game. For each and every round, one chair must be removed. This is repeated until there is one chair left behind. The kid, who acquires the seat at last, shall be the winner. For children of teen ages, games like Truth or Dare can be played.

Games for kids parties that are held outside are many in number. Famous outdoor games like perennial sack race are quite interesting. If there are too many kids out there, then you can make two kids to share a single sack bag. To make the game more interesting, it would be the best option to get the parents to participate with their kids. Three ? legged race is an outdoor game that requires the parents to participate in the game. If the party is pirate themed, then Treasure Hunt is a great game to play.

The attraction to the outdoor party can be given by organizing merry?go?round or a horse ride or any other thing. If it is a hot day, then organizing the party near the pool or any other place that is near a water source, will be a great idea to have fun. These are not games but surely make the kids occupied for quite longer hours. Sometimes, to make the party more enjoyable, shows can be organized. Magicians and balloon artists are the most popular ones and you might have also come across when attending a kid?s party. Magicians attract the kids by showing different magic and the balloon artists can make kids happy by giving a balloon to each kid. To make your kid?s party, a great event then you can check out for these above mentioned games.

Importnace Of Learning Spanish & French Online

Psychologists believe that the toddlers have a great capacity to learn second language. French is the language that is spoken worldwide. There are some states which consider French as the second language for kids. French is a popular language and is considered to be the next preferred language to English, Spanish and Chinese. Fluency in this language can be gained, when the kids are young and along with that if the language is spoken in home, then the young children can easily grab it. Parents can help to learn French for kids as if learning a different language can be a better investment for their future. Experts say that learning a language requires a method and this method can be learnt when the kids are young. Getting learnt about French language has a number of benefits. The first benefit would be the profits in business and emerging opportunities in employment. French is chosen as the second language after English by the European Commission.

learn spanish for kids

This language is also well recognized by the UNO (United Nations Organization). Apart from this, another reason to learn French for kids is to get higher academic performance. Reports have proved that the students, who learns about the second language in a few years, perform better at the Scholastic Attitude Test (SAT). Another language for kids to learn is Spanish. Learning Spanish for kids is beneficial as if this language is considered to be the recognized languages of the UNO. To learn Spanish for kids is easy, when they are young. Kids can be fluent in this language if they are taught at a much earlier age.

If you are a parent, then you must consider about some ?learn Spanish? programs for your kids. Learning foreign language or any other language can be done without any effort at the ages 1 to 12. Experts say that kids, who are revealed to foreign languages, will possess extraordinary qualities and skills like superior writing and reading skills, higher cognitive ability, and good vocabulary. Good online packages are out there on the internet for you to make use off. On ordering for the package, you will be getting CDs and DVDs of television shows that are mainly meant for learning the language. Interactive and fun games for language, vocabulary building books, story books in Spanish language and lots other things comes along with this package.

To make your kid to learn Spanish is as easy as learning English. Kids are only supposed to hear the words that are spoken around them. They have to repeat the words again and again so that the words and their pronouncing pattern become familiar. Your kid will get a huge advantage if either of the parents is already fluent in Spanish. The proven and simple approach to make your kid to learn this language is when one parent will speak in English while the other parent will speak in Spanish. Interaction with the kid in both the language will make the kid to toggle between the languages easily, which is a great skill and is lacked by most adults.


Enjoy The Spiderman & Star War Online Kids Games

Kids love to play the game that includes superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, Superman or the He-man. Among these super heroes, Spiderman is considered to be the most successful character. Kids love to play spider man games and as if they know the story, they are awaiting for twists in the game. Playing the spider man games seems to be a dream coming true for kids. Spiderman games online for kids have been very interesting. Spider man stands aside from all other Marvel heroes. The 4D version of spider man, which was released in the year 2010, had created a good experience to play. Kids like to see their favorite super hero fighting with the enemies on the world?s tallest buildings.

spiderman games online for kids

The Marvel Vs Capcom3 is another interesting game. This game has some new weapons and interesting green, black and classic costumes for spider man. Star wars kids games are very popular video games. Star wars Lego was developed by Lego Group on April 5, 2005 and is the most popular among all other video games. This game has been rewarded ?Game of the Year? award by Star wars Lego contains a total of 56 characters that can be played. There are many levels in this game and on completing each level you can be able to play different characters. These games also have the feature of ?Free Play? that allow the user to play the same level again by holding to different characters. This feature permits the player to get access to the characters that are locked. This option of free play appears only when the level gets over. The player can select the Dexter?s Diner part as an entry level to start the game or you can also select the Parking Lot to enter in to the level. Battle takes place between the evil and good characters like Sith Lego and Jedi Lego. Any player, who wants to collect the extra studs can purchase or enter the codes to unlock the levels.

Many parents are worried about the safety of their kid, while playing online games. Many protection programs for children?s online protection have been set up by the government to provide a safer environment for the kids while surfing the internet or playing games online. Safe games for kids offer many tools that help the kid to educate, grow and interact with the both virtual and real world. The two most famous and safe games for kids to play online is the Dizzywood and Elf Island. These games are new and have recently started to gain popularity among different users. Dizzywood, is an adventurous game that allows you to play games free of cost. Here, you can also meet new friends and discover exciting locations within Dizzywood. On each level, you can gather coins and with the coins, you can be able to purchase clothing and upgrade many features. This game can be played by kids of age 8-12 and lets them to express their creative thoughts. Thus, there are many safe games for kids online and to choose the best, you must do some research.

Keyboard Games For Kids

To enhance the typing skills, keyboard games for kids are the best option. This is a fun thing for kids to do. There are enormous amount of keyboarding games for kids available online that helps them how to learn to type. There are some websites out there that offer keyboard games for kids for free but some sites will ask you to pay the fee for using the keyboard game. Making your kid to play this type of game is an awesome idea to help your kid to get familiar about keyboard at such an earlier stage. But make sure that your child practices the game every day to get best results and by this, your kid can soon be a master of the typing skills.

keyboard games for kids

These games are considered to be very enjoyable in the same way as online puzzles for kids and at the same time, kids get learn about many things. But some parents do not have any kind of awareness about this type of educational games. So, it is at most necessary for the parents to get to get to know about these educational games. Parents can choose the keyboarding games for kids that best suits their age and the level of maturity. If the game is too tough to play, then the kids can soon become frustrated and will not play the game. Choosing keyboard games that are interactive will make the game and environment more enjoyable. Apart from keyboard typing games, some parents are trying to teach their kid about touch typing at a much young age.

As kids of today?s generation are phenomenal, they are able to grasp new things almost immediately. Another way to enhance your kid?s tying skills is by taking them to the online communities. This would help to compare their typing scores with other kids. By encouraging in this type of competition, your child can improve their typing skill. Researches have proved that by making the kids learn about touch typing at an early age, will surely improve the coordination of their eye and hand. Apart from this, a variety of other speed skills are also grown in your kid. The speed skills will later on help your kid to participate in sports activities.

Kids love to have their own table, where they can place all their games and fun things. Kids play table can have lots of play things like games, toys, painting and drawing kits, etc. Kids play table are available in the market and these come in variety of colors, sizes and shapes. This would keep them busy for longer hours. The one with attractive design and color will surely make your kid learn with fun. Little Tikes Easy Store Junior play table is strong enough and it is easy to clean. The feature of portability, makes it easier to take it anywhere by just folding it. This is the top selling model of the kid?s play table. Some table comes along with an umbrella that protects your kid from sunlight. There are many other attractive tables available out there in the market and you have to choose the best one for your kid.

Online Reading & Puzzle Games For Kids

Kid?s education is the responsibility of the parents. You might have seen quite a number of parents, who use to yell at their kids to make them study. But the easiest and the most efficient way to get the kids get learnt is by playing fun games. Some kids do not like to learn with the text books as if they are interested to play games online. Parents can make use of this advantage and download the online learning games for kids. Kids can have fun and at the same time, they will get learnt about the subject. There are a wide range of online learning games out there to help you. If your kid is weak in mathematics, then you can use any educational software to make your kid learn about the subject. is site that allows a kid to play a variety of games that are based on math.

online puzzles for kids

The online games make both the kids and the parents to enjoy and they are able to teach the kid about everything. These games are designed by the professionals for preschoolers and primary school students. They have designed the games in such a way that it gives entertainment along with educating the children. These games also use interactive method of teaching, where some questions are asked to the kid and the kid will get some score, when he/she answers it. Some kids, who are preschoolers does not know about alphabets. Reading skill is the most important of all as if this helps the kid to learn the lessons and other things at the young age. There are some online reading games for kids to help. These games are very interesting that the kids love to play it. These games have the matching of simple alphabets as the initial stage.

There are vowel games that help the kids to learn about pronunciation of certain words and correct formation of sentences. The easiest games are for preschoolers and the games that are somewhat complex are targeted for toddlers. Online reading games for kids also include phonic games, which teaches about different sounds and also make the kid to learn about where to use the particular phonic. To improve the skills of problem solving and decision making, parents should make their kid to play puzzle games. Online puzzles for kids have made easier to make the kids to learn. ?Sudoku? is a puzzle game that develops kid?s memory and attention.

It may be difficult for kids to play but a little practice can make the game simpler. Jigsaw puzzle games are designed for mental challenges and it makes the solver to think in a new way. Kids love the game as if this allows analyzing each piece and fitting the pieces accordingly to make a picture. These games are developed for entertainment purpose and apart from this; these games also motivate the kids to play for a longer time. There are many online puzzles for kids based on the difficulty rating. Parents can do some research online and pick the best and most preferred one for their kids.

Preschool Reading And Phonics Games For Kids

Learning with fun will help your kid to learn the thing in a better way. If you are a parent, then you would possibly force your kid to go to the schools. To make your kid to enjoy and have fun, it is highly recommended to teach your kid some of the fun games and let your child play the game with their friends and classmates of their age. There are lots of preschool games for kids. Cornhole game is a preschool game, which involves throwing a stone or some hard materials targeting the cornhole bag. This improves the motor skills of the kid as if the best part is that your kid can aim at the bag and shoot it. To make this game more exciting, you can give some presents to the winner and the runner. You can also invite other children of your kid?s age and make them to play. Some games are played outdoors where there is lot of space and they can run and chase other kids freely.

preschool games for kids

When your kid starts to read, it is important to teach them phonics. Research has proved that phonics games for kids have made the process of learning as an exciting and quick task to do. The most excellent way to train your kids about how to read is by phonics. Teaching phonics has become really simple with the different programs available today. The games probably start with the sound of vowels and then later on to the consonants. There are many online phonics games for kids out there and you can make use of it. These games will take very less time to make your kid learn about phonics. This game also helps adults to learn about phonics and improve their reading skills. Preschoolers love to play games in the computer and using this advantage; you can install the phonics game and allow your kid to play this game.

This is the easiest way to learn and practicing this, they can improve their reading skills. To make your kid to read, it is important that your kids know about alphabets. There are many reading games for kindergarten. These games help your kids to learn how to read and educate your kid about the alphabets and their pronunciation. This game also involves shapes that relate with different alphabets. There are some letters like p and q that are almost similar and to show the difference between these two, one can use this game. The sound of different vowels and consonants is also a part of this game. Using the sounds of different letters, kids can create new words. The sounds of various letters will also help a kindergarten to read a block of text.

Some games that relate to various things are interesting for kids. This game may let the kid to think and relate letters to different things that come to their mind. There are also some games that involve kids to speak in a microphone to send answers to the program. Thus, this type of games is suggested for kids to improve their reading and listening skills.If your kid is struggling with the maths make them play the fun math games 4 kids. Definitely they will find it very interesting.

Fun Outdoor games for kids

You can introduce fun outdoor games for kids with the kids outdoor play equipment.  Outside games for kids helps them to breathe good air.

Fun outdoor games for kids will keep them fit and active. Let us discuss some of the fun outdoor games for kids.

fun outdoor games for kids

Tag ? tag

It is a game where the kids chase each others and if they touch the other kid, they will yell ?tag!  Then the kid receives the tag and starts to chase other kids and they try to catch the other kid.

Flashlight Tag

It is same as regular tag game but this game is usually played after sun set during night. Using the flashlight, children will tag each other with the help of light beams. This game creates good fun to play.

Bull rush

In this game one of the kids will be selected as ?bull?.     There will be two corners where the group of kids runs inside it. It will be around hundred feet.  The kids will run from the one corner to the other corner where the bull will try to catch them. Once the kid was caught by the bull, then that kid will become as a bull?s helper to catch the other kids.

Dodge Ball

Another come back game for kid is Dodge ball. In this game children hit each other with balls. Once the kid is hit by a ball he will be sent out of the game this game continues till it becomes two players. Winner of this game is the boy who was not hit by the ball.

Kids outdoor play equipment is very important as it will help to play the games outside. Kids outdoor play equipment will help them to breathe the fresh air.

Climbing frames is one of the best kids outdoor play equipment and they are suitable for all the age groups. Some of the kids outdoor equipments are swings, slides, and even the climbing robes are some of the accessories for climbing frames. It provides good exercise to the kids and develops good co-ordination. It is easy to assemble those accessories and they are sturdy, so it is safe for kids to use it in regular basis.  It is available with different shapes and sizes.

You can also provide the wooden house in your backyard as it develops their imagination by using it as club house or even as a home. It  based on the kids imagination. As it is made out of wood it will be long lasting for future and are suitable for all age group.

Trampoline is one of the greatest outdoor play equipment. It suits all the age group. It is safe to purchase it along with the ladder. They are available in different shapes like square, circle or oval and they are available at large sizes. It is ideal for the adults.Trampoline will entertain your kid all the time and will last in any weather. You can use anchor kit to safeguard your trampolines for long period.

Outside games for kids is the games played at park or backyards. Outside games for kids will keep them fresh and active all the time.


Find A Free Online Math Games For Your Kids

Online math games for kids are very useful to teach basics of mathematics.

Fun kid?s online math game will seem to be very interesting for kids and their parents. Fun kids online math games teaches kids about the basic math in a funny way. It is easy to find games and they are more interactive.  You can start with the digital age of learning with the help of free online math games for kids.

fun math games 4 kids

Let us discuss about some of the fun math games 4 kids

Math Lessons

To understand the basic math your kid requires certain skills like problem solving and memorization. You can build up their skills from their childhood by making them to play the online games for kids. Now a days many websites are offering fun educational games for kids.Online games teach the math in a funny manner to your kids. Fun math games 4 kids drills the math solving skill into your kids mind with the help of fun elements like pictures, colors, shapes, word and the board games along with logic or memory games. You have to start teaching the math from the preschool kids in mind. That will increase the solving the difficult level from their young age.

Fun math games 4kids will make your kid to love the math problems in their classrooms. Children will start doing math by teaching them in funny way. This will improve the challenging skills of your kid.

We have some games which can be played at home or inside the classroom. That will improve the number skills in kids.

Higher or the Lower

It is one of the best games to practice the order of numbers.

Use two digit or three digit number

Find out the upper or lower number limit.

Ask one player to set a number in his mind and will write it on the piece of paper, where the second player guesses the number then the first player will tell whether the number is greater or smaller. Keep playing the game till the number is found.
You can utilize this fun math games for kids to practice some of the basic timetables.

Nowadays free online math games for kids provide endless information. These games make them to learn more information in playful manner. A math game for kids is the best advantage of internet.  Free online math games are very beneficial to learn the basics easily at free of cost.

Let us discuss about free Online Math games for kids has certain features.

 Variety in design theme and the concept:

It provides more excitement with their availability of diverse choice.  Themes and the designs explain the concept clearly to the kids. Kids enjoy learning math by playing math games.

Variety in math level and program

Both kids and the parents love to choose and learn the program.  It is easy to review the previous concept before passing to the new concept. It contains different programs such as algebra, counting, geometry and fraction from the preschool to grade 8 with the difficult level in exercises.


Free Online Educational Games For Kids

Fun educational games for kids are method of teaching kids in a funny way.  This type of fun educational games for kids entertains and educates the kids.  It is the parent?s duty to find the best game to develop their kids.

free online educational games for kids

We have certain resources to find the best fun educational games for your kids at affordable price. You can find different types of fun educational games for kids of all ages at

You can also try in fresh baked fraction games to get the free educational games for your kids. If you kid is interested in baseball you can utilize the Math baseball. It will help you to teach your kid both the baseball and the math. There are many free online games are available at Spanish websites. If your kid is learning in primary school then you can check the games for them at primary if your kid is interested in science subject then you can utilize the ocean fun website. It teaches you kid about the life of creatures in underwater. It also includes the fun printable where your kid can color on it. is contains great educational games for children & Toddlers. It does not contain the commercial content.

You can educate your kids by using the free educational games for kids where you kids learn automatically without their knowledge. They learn their subject along with fun by using these fun educational games for kids.

Let us check out some of the free educational games for kids.

Letter learning

It is easy for your kid to learn the alphabets by utilizing the simple activity

Have you ever played the alphabet of day, you can teach a letter for a day or even a week.  Hang out the letters along with the object beginning with that letter.  You can even use the stickers to teach your kid. At the end of your game your kid will learn those letters easily.

Sing the alphabet order

You can teach your kid by singing a song by using their favorite?s preschool alphabet song. You can sing along with the online version or listen to the song. It is one of the best online educational games for your kids.

Science lesson for your preschool kids – you can take your kid to garden and teach them about the insects and plants along with the fresh air. You can return home with the collection of different stones with different shapes.

We have more number of free online games available for kids. It is the parent?s duty to find the best free online games for kids.  Avoid violent games for your kids. Select the games based on your kid?s age. You can find the games easily by giving ?free online games for kids? in search phase. That will provide you big list for your search.

There are few websites which will provide more games for adult that may not suit your kid?s age.
So find the appropriate game which will suit your kid. Save the websites in book mark.